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The North County Teen Court is a NON-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION as well as a 501(c)(3) administered by an Executive Board made up of officials and volunteers from partnering communities. The Board meets annually to discuss policy and procedures regarding Teen Court operations and additionally on an "as need" basis. The Board is assisted by a Citizens Advisory Board also made up of community officials and citizen volunteers.

To see our By-Laws click the button below.


Executive Director/President

Elena Holler, Citizen Volunteer/Teen Court Moderator (6/24/2019-Present)

Deputy Director/Vice President

Anne Rayhill, Citizen Volunteer/Attorney/Teen Court Moderator (9/15/2014-Present)


Karen Hoffek (9/15/2014 -Present)


Sandra Walden (1/4/2017-Present)

Board Members

Chief Richard Edwards, Williamsville Police (4/26/2006-Present)

Chief Bob Crouch, Riverton Police (12/16/2022-Present)

Hannah Durchholz, Citizen Volunteer (6/28/2012-Present)

Kendra Hansel, Citizen Volunteer/Attorney/Teen Court Moderator (1/4/2017-Present)

Jeff Menke, Citizen Volunteer/Teen Court Moderator (1/19/2022-Present)


Sheree Muchow Riverton Parent Coordinator

Sarah Gibbs & Angela Young, Williamsville Parent Coordinators

Sergeant Alec Tucker & Officer Noah Mayes Williamsville Police Officer/Teen Court Coordinator

Office Scott Gaddy Riverton Police Officer/Teen Court Coordinator


May 2023

Executive Board Members: Karen Hoffek & Kendr​a Hansel, Executive Director Elena Holler & former Riverton Police Chief Jim Lawley was honored for his 16 years of service to NCTC

May 2023

Executive Board Member Patsy Rader was honored for her years of service to NCTC by Executive Board Member Sandy Walden

June 2022

Former Executive Director & ​Deputy Director Karen Hoffek and Executive Board Member Dennis Cooper were both honored for their years of service to NCTC

May 2022

Executive Director Elena Holler & former Executive Director & Co Founder, Phil Brown was honored for his years of service to NCTC

May 2022

Executive Director Elena Holler with 2022 Senior Scholarship winner Noah Zumwalt & Riverton Parent Coordinator Nina Pickrel who was honored for her years of service to NCTC

June 25, 2018

North County Teen Court Executive Board recognizes outgoing Parent Coordinators Rita Baker and Barbi Walter for their years of service. Pictured L-R: Rita Baker, Karen Hoffek, Barbi Walter & Phil Brown

November 6, 2017

Retired Chief of Police, Eric Smith was honored by the NCTC Executive Board for his years (2006-2015) of service.

November 6, 2017

Deputy Director, Phil Brown, Executive Director, Karen Hoffek & Retired Chief of Police, Eric Smith

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