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Robert Hoffek Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Robert Hoffek was one of the founding members of the North County Teen Court and was instrumental in creating the program. He was also the first Executive Director of the North County Teen Court Board of Directors. Mr. Hoffek believed in the program as a positive alternative to the traditional juvenile court system. He believed in working with youth and also volunteered as a Youth Mentor prior to the creation of the Teen Court. In 2014, the North County Teen Court Scholarship was renamed in honor of Mr. Hoffek's dedication to the Teen Court and the Community.

The Executive Board currently awards a non-renewable Scholarship in the amount of $750.00 to one (1) member of each branch of the teen court. The Scholarship is available to:

  • High School Seniors who have been active Teen Court jurors for a minimum of two years.

  • One award will be granted per branch

Since 2007 the North County Teen Court Scholarship program has provided Scholarships to 25 well deserving students totaling $14,500. Applicants must have served at least two years on the teen court to apply.

The Juror must complete an application and submit it by mailing to: NCTC Scholarship 141 W. Main, Williamsville, IL 62693.Scholarship applications not meeting the minimum requirements will not be accepted.
The 2024 scholarship application and essay MUST BE POSTMARKED BY THE APRIL 1, 2024 DEADLINE or it will not be accepted.

The Scholarship applications are reviewed by members of the North County Teen Court Scholarship Review Committee and awarded based on their recommendations. The Scholarship Review Committee members have no contact with the jurors so the award is based entirely on content. Attendance can also be a factor in the Scholarship Review Committee's overall decision.

Scholarships applications are available through the high school guidance counselor's office in our three member school districts: Williamsville, Riverton, and Rochester or you can download the application by clicking the button below:

2024-05-03 Phil Brown & RHS Isaac Crumrine.jpg

Riverton High School Scholarship Recipient
Isaac Crumrine

2024-05-16 Elena Holler & Ellie Ford.jpg

High School Scholarship Recipient
Elizabeth "Ellie" Ford

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